What is the ezzi-lift™ System?
The ezzi-lift™ is a remarkable facial stimulation system to the face and neck to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


How does the ezzi-lift™ work?
The ezzi-lift™ therapy rejuvenates the face naturally with gentle microcurrent electro-stimulation. Treatments are non-invasive and improvement is noticeable after the very first treatment.


What is the difference between ezzi-lift™ and ezzi-lift™ with Photodynamics™?
The ezzi-lift™ is a cosmetic facial toning device with built-in application plates for reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ezzi-lift™ with Photo Dynamics™ provides the same effects and also has LED lights alongside application plates.


What is in the ezzi-lift™ kit and how do the accessories work?
The ezzi-lift™ Complete Package includes the ezzi-lift™ device, a pencil tool, and a blue finger tool. The pencil accessory may be attached to the ezzi-lift™ for application to small delicate areas such as around the eyes where the larger built-in application plates might be more cumbersome. The pencil accessory may also be used for tracing specific fine lines. For example, after a general facial application, use the pencil tool to focus on specific trouble areas. The flexible finger tool is a small rubber accessory that bends easily for application on rounded areas such as the jaw line, or above and below the eye brow. For more information, see your owner's manual.


Is there a book or an online informational resource?
The ezzi-ift™ devices are packaged with a small Owners Manual that includes how to operate the device and application diagrams.

Author Dr. Lorraine A Hache Psy's book, "Cellular Makeover" covers New anti-aging technology designed to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level. Her book, published in 2012 includes information about the ezzi-Lift System by Avazzia. Desription and purchase information here: https://www.createspace.com/3929347


I can’t feel the output. How do I know it’s working?
Microcurrent stimulation is so gentle, many people do not feel it. But there are simple ways to confirm that the device is working. First, be sure to wash your face with a non-oily cleanser before using your ezzi-lift™ device. Make-up and oily moisturizers can reduce sensitivity to the microcurrent massage. Also, make sure you’re staying hydrated1. Dehydrated skin often does not respond as well to facial toning devices.

To confirm the device is working, turn it on. When it is on, three LED lights are illuminated for a moment and a beep occurs. Then, use the power-up (+) key to set it at its highest setting. Gently touch the applicator plates (or the pencil tool) to a less sensitive area—your cheek or your arm for instance. You should feel a tingle or mild sting. This confirms the device is working. Reduce the intensity to a comfortable setting and resume your facial massage.

If you don’t feel any impulse when testing the device, your batteries may be low (see next question). If you have further questions, feel free to contact our customer service line at 214-575-2820.

As with any deep tissue massage, sometimes tissue becomes more sensitive with continuing sessions. For example, if there is a sore area with a “knot” in a muscle, then often a very strong massage is necessary to break through the knot. Once the knot is softened, then a gentle touch is noticed much more easily.

So, it is not uncommon to start out using your ezzi-lift™ at a higher intensity, and not feel it or hardly feel it. Then with time, as the area becomes more sensitive, you may wish to reduce the intensity. For many people, a lower power setting feels very strong.

If you’ve confirmed the device is working, but you do not always feel the microcurrent cycles, you can use a mirror to watch the mode light indicate when the stimulations occur. Sometimes when you go to the next point, you won’t feel it right away, but you will on the second or third stimulation. This is normal.


How do I know if the batteries are running low?
Even at times when you don’t feel the output, you can rest assured the device is working. When it is on, three LED lights are illuminated for a moment and a beep occurs. If the beep continues beeping continuously for 20 beeps, then the device is indicating that the batteries are low. If the output cannot be felt at full intensity (see previous question) with either the application plates or the smaller pencil accessory, then telephone customer service at 214-575-2820.


Can I use ezzi-lift™ on my Keloid scar?
Yes, but the ezzi-lift™ device stimulation should not be applied over open wounds or rashes, swollen, red, infected, or inflamed areas or skin eruptions such as phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, etc. (Don’t forget to take a BEFORE picture!)*

The skin should be clean and dry. It is not necessary to apply a lotion. Power on the ezzi-lift™ device, and set the mode to ”Face Smooth”. Touch the built-in application plates (or the pencil tool) directly on the scar tissue. Increase the intensity setting while resting the application plates on the scar tissue. Sometimes the area is a bit numb, so it is not uncommon to power the device to the highest intensity and barely feel it.

Move the plates in a painting motion back and forth on the scar tissue. The buzzing noise may sound like an electric razor. Use this higher intensity level only on the scarred area, as the intensity may feel too strong on adjacent healthy skin tissue.

Most scars are small and less than a couple inches in length. Apply this treatment process for about 2 minutes to the scar. If the scar is much longer than a 2-inch area, then apply the therapy for 2 minutes per 2-inch segment. The device emits a double beep every 2 minutes to help you time the treatment. It is not a problem to treat longer. Repeat this process daily for 10 days for the best long-term results.

Can I use the ezzi-lift™ to help me with other health challenges?
The ezzi-lift™ device is not a medical device and has not been evaluated by the US FDA effectiveness for treating any medical condition. Avazzia has developed microcurrent Electro-Stimulation Technology™ (B.E.S.T.™) for medical device applications. This technology was used in the development of the Avazzia BEST-Pro 1™ device and the BEST-RSI™ device which are medical devices cleared by the US FDA for treatment of pain including chronic pain, intractable pain, and post-surgical pain. The FDA requires a prescription for these types of devices. For more information contact us or visit the Avazzia website www.avazzia.com.

Will the DVD play on my Apple® computer?
The DVD master was made in 2011 to be compatible with most DVD players, PCs, as well as Apple computers. We have been told that Apple no longer supports DVDs. You can try a third party DVD player app for a DVD to run on an Apple Computer. VLC www.videolan.org, a free third party player, has been recommended and confirmed for playing DVDs correctly as of August 2016. VLC is approved by CNET, a reliable source for apps.

Alternatively, view ezzi-lift overview, instructional, and testimonial videos online in this website under the videos link at the top of this page.