Before & After Photos

The ezzi-lift™ system offers a safe, non-surgical face-lift for improved the overall skin texture and appearance. Before and After photos from dermatologists, spas, and cosmetic surgery centers are always impressive with a selection of positive results.

The ezzi-lift system is able to help improve skin texture and tone in a single treatment with increasingly accumulative results with subsequent treatments. The ezzi-lift™ system offers subtle improvements that last. Chemical creams and ointment enhancements are often short lived, and surgery may offer more dramatic results, but may also be more expensive and riskier. The ezzi-lift is safe and effective.

Typical Improvements Include:

  1. Smoother, tighter skin texture on the treated areas with a less ‘pitty’ appearance
  2. Lifted eyebrow
  3. Lifted eyelid for brighter more open eyes
  4. Smoothed, flattened and lightened circles under the eyes
  5. Perkier, lifted cheeks
  6. Lifted expression line between the nose and outer lips
  7. Lifted jaw

Improvements are subtle, natural and over time, noticeable improvements accumulate for more impressive and even longer lasting results.

The first series of photos show accumulative results over 7 treatments without make-up to demostrate marked improvements on bare skin.
After 7 treatments, professional make-up has been applied for a photo shoot for the subject's new book cover.

The single photos were taken after people used the device on one side of their face. So the lighting, expression, and make-up would be the
same on both the before side and the after side. The men have no make up on at all.


ezzi-lift Testimonials

It feels like it woke up my skin.  It’s simple and enjoyable; I was quite impressed… I really didn’t expect to see much result, but I actually did. 
I saw a lift in my eyebrow and a little bit of difference right between my expression lines.

My mind feels very relaxed and the side of my face that you worked on feels energized.  And it was very relaxing to have someone do that for me;
it felt great.  But it’s something I could definitely do at home.

I feel pretty good, a lot more energetic.  My face feels really light; it feels softer, a lot more sensation.

It makes my skin feels tighter.  I can tell that my skin has lifted, and it does feel tighter.

After the massage I feel relaxed and really happy.

It’s energizing!

My eyes feel a lot brighter; I feel very refreshed!