About Avazzia

Based in Dallas, Texas, AVAZZIA, Inc takes pride in its engineering roots. Our team of researchers and scientists boast over 200 combined
years of invention and design experience. They have contributed to the design and development of integral components found in:

  • Night vision and optoelectronics
  • Modern commercial aircraft
  • Most military aircraft and the Space Shuttle
  • All telecom systems
  • The ezzi-lift™ System contains proprietary programming that delivers visible results. Avazzia is dedicated to addressing health and
    beauty challenges with leading-edge technological innovation. We invite you to learn more about our company and our products.


    Tim Smith, Founder and Designer

    Avazzia Founder Tim Smith is the inventor of the premier logic chips that are now part of almost every computer and telecom system in the Western world. He and his Avazzia team members have contributed to the design and development of components found in commercial aircraft, night vision electronics, and the space shuttle.

    An award-winning designer and inventor, Tim is now applying his knowledge and passion to the world of medical technology, human health, and beauty. With the same standards for quality and innovation that earned him the Patrick E. Haggerty Innovation Award while inventing and designing for Texas Instruments, Tim is now creating breakthrough technologies to enhance human health and provide safe, non-invasive facial skin care. When designing the ezzi-lift™ facial toning system, he drew from his profound understanding of electo-magnetic fields and his interest in the electrical model of the body.

    His current passion is the design and development of cutting-edge medical technology to address major healthcare concerns of the modern world.